I am  SO SICK of the HATE that is being openly-spewed, supported, and even celebrated these days.


How can something this VILE even be conceived, let alone coded and created?


Called “Jesus Strikes Back” (a blasphemy of epic proportions, if ever there was one), game manufacturers have listed this as a “parody” on the current craziness that is happening in our country.


I can’t even conjure enough words to decry this hot mess…


Players can choose as their avatars Jesus; Hitler, Trump, Mussolini and several other tyrants.


I am conscientiously separating Jesus, above, from the rest of the avatars by a semi-colon.




Remember those quizzes in preschool and grade school that asked, “Which of these is NOT like the others?”

Jesus would be the one NOT like the others on the available list of avatars!! 


If you think  this doesn’t make me anxious for myself and others like me, you’d be wrong.


This is exactly the kind of hateful Christian propaganda that ignited the Holocaust.


Eleven million people were murdered then; six million were Jewish (deemed “Christ killers”), a great many of the rest were homosexuals and other marginalized peoples (gypsies and anti-Nazi fighters among them).


We have a racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic, anti-Semitic President who has unilaterally decided we will pay for a border wall in the south to keep brown and black South American mostly-Catholic refugees from gaining entry to this land whose most iconic structure is the Statue of Liberty!


For Christ’s sake (and I am not taking His name in vain here!), what are we becoming?!!!


If this doesn’t give you serious pause, you’re not part of my tribe. Please go somewhere else!  I cannot stand the thought that you consider yourself either a Christian or an American.


Yeah, I know–Christian America has been responsible for the vast majority of carnage that has taken place over the course of our history. The fact has not been lost on me.  I’ve read A People’s History of the United States and seen depictions of the way white European immigrants ran roughshod over every tribe and nation that had prior claim to the land. I’ve read scores of books about the Black experience in America. I’m not naive.


But at some point those of us who believe in the “ideas” and “ideals” of America (you know: land of the free, home of the brave; all people are created equal; equal justice under the law; equal rights under the law, etc.) need to stand up against the tyrannies that are being perpetuated out loud and with  pride these days!


Isms and phobias (racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.) used to be hidden away as shameful  vestiges of narrow-minded Old White Supremacists. Nowadays they’re paraded out as something to be PROUD of!


It’s easy to blame Trump for all of this–but he just capitalized on it, as he does on everything where a buck can be made or an advantage gained. He certainly has POPULARIZED and NORMALIZED hateful rhetoric, actions and thinking.  He has brought it out of the shadows and cast a spotlight on it.


Mitch McConnell has been capitalizing on it for years. He and his racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic cronies went to war against President Obama on Election Day because Barack is black. If we were white, all of the policies that the GOP itself had proposed would have been welcomed with open arms, because Barack (I’m sad to say) is another Republican Lite representative. He was a decent, old-style Republican without the usual hangups of most old-style Republicans against marginalized Americans.


I liked Obama; he was level-headed and sane, a far cry from “business as usual”.  I was (still am) farther left than he is; I’m with Bernie, and FDR, and RFK. I think all Americans (black, brown, red, yellow, white, rich, poor, male, female, LGBTQI, physically and mentally-challenged, etc.) should be given a level playing field so their lives aren’t handicapped from the get-go by white male supremacist policies.


But what gets me most is the HATRED that shoots back and forth between Americans who disagree with each other.


Hatred causes violence.


Hatred causes video games that glorify killing “others” who don’t look, act, love or think the same way we do.


Hatred is dangerous as hell. It needs to STOP!


Jesus doesn’t condone it. This game is a blasphemy and Christians of all stripes ought to be up in arms against it, as should every other human being who recognizes just how UGLY and MEAN-SPIRITED it is.




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