Yay-Sayers: The Good Guides

Yay-sayers are the people in your life who believe in the same future for you that you do. Yay-sayers are not yes men or women; they are mentors, fans, and all other encouraging people who eagerly and confidently counteract the more plentiful (and frequently nearer and dearer) naysayers in your life.

When you're in school, yay-sayers are professionals in most cases: teachers, counselors, actors, musicians, robotics engineers, sports players, and others who are in positions to evaluate your potential and find you eager, adequate, and well on your way, skills-wise, to succeeding in your chosen field.

In the author’s case, early-on yay-sayers included four teachers, a Pulitzer prize-nominated author, and a well-known iconic actor whose encouragement counteracted the oft-repeated fears Kris's parents shared that writing wasn't a "real" career and that something more secure (and 9-to-5) was a better career choice.

In this self-help guide, Kris becomes the professional yay-sayer in your corner, eager to help you embrace the other yay-sayers in your life and start listening to them exclusively.