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25 Years Without De

An interview with Larry Nemecek

Voices of the West Interview

Click here and here to hear  my interview about DeForest Kelley's rowdy cowboy career B.S.T. (Before Star Trek)

Trek Mate Interview

My interview with Wayne Emery and Jude Hawkins of TrekMate. Click to hear it now. (The interview with me starts at 21:50 if you want to download it and go straight to it.)

Cosmic Potato Interview

My interview with Shawn Wray of Cosmic Potato. Click to hear it now.

Standard Orbit Interview

Hosts: Ken Tripp and Zach Moore. Click to hear it now. 

Creative Colloquy

Creative Colloquy posted a book excerpt from

DeForest Kelley Up Close and Personal: A Harvest of Memories from the Fan Who Knew Him Best.  

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My interview with Scott Hertzog of SciFi Diner. Click to hear it now.

Enterprising Individuals

Here's the link to my interview with Aaron Coker:

Michael May Interview

Catch Michael May's interview with me (another hombre who wanted to talk about De's cowboy career, and De, and me--we had a whee of a time!!)--right here:

Authors First Radio Network Interview

Authors First Radio Network interview. Click to hear the interview.

TrekMate Roundtable

Link to "Who Gives a TOS?" where Wayne Emery, Jude Hawkins and I discuss The Star Trek episode The Empath--one of my favorites!

Find my  article, Trekking Toward Tolerance, here.

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