Often hilarious tales about working in Hollywood in the '90s.

Floating Around Hollywood and Other Totally-True Tales of Triumph

I worked steadily in Hollywood from 1989 to 2003 as a writers' and producers' assistant, switchboard operator, casting receptionist, executive secretary, hardware lease administrator, newsletter writer and website wordsmith, often while "floating"--serving as a temporary secretary or assistant in Production and Administration.

While I hardly set Hollywood on fire (in a high-profile way), I achieved goals through dogged determination, a wildly-contagious sense of the absurd, and lots of hard work.

If your dreams include working in Hollywood, here's one laugh-a-minute way for getting your foot in the door.

The stories you'll find here provide ample evidence that you don't have to be perfect (by a long shot) to be valued in--and valuable to--the entertainment industry.

"Kris Smith's entertainment industry career reads like a sitcom. What fun!" -- AC Lyles, Producer

"A fast-paced book , full of laughter, written with comedic skill. It's a delightful read." -- DeForest Kelley, Actor

"Of all the books I've ever been quoted in, this is one of them!" -- Clyde Phillips, Executive Producer

Sound like fun? It is!