Floating Around Hollywood Reviews

For an enjoyable and humorous "read" about a person who worked in the movie and television industry, this is the book of all books!! Kris has a delightful sense of humor and it's apparent by not only some of her antics, but by her observations, interactions, and conversations with some of the people in the entertainment business.

She takes you "behind the scenes" at a Bay Watch wrap party, and she talks about being a "star polisher". But my VERY favorite of all of her escapades is "walrus woman." That is all I will say - one has to read it to believe it!!

In her own words, Kris writes: "Most business people have a sixth sense about what is appropriate behavior in certain situations. I possess the same keen insight, but there's a part of me that wants to buck traditional etiquette and be outrageous . . ."

That should be the best preview to some of her exploits. I leave it to you to get ready to laugh and laugh and laugh!! Buy one for yourself and buy one for a friend. They'll be glad you did! – Nancy Graf