YAY! Bernie is IN!

Bernie Sanders has entered the race to become the next President of the United States.




My world has turned around. I no longer feel depressed. I am fired up and ready to go!


I no longer feel the despair I’ve felt since he bowed out last time.  Although I voted for HRC in the general election (following Bernie’s lead), I caucused for Bernie in Washington State. I believed he was the best candidate then, and I believe he’s the best candidate now.


The other DEM candidates are Johnny-Come-Lately’s to the progressive bandwagon that Bernie has been advancing his entire career. He has earned our support because he had done his best to support the working man and woman and the under-represented and marginalized in our country.


If the DEMS are mad that he’s a front runner, they should be ashamed instead. He probably would have liked the idea of retiring, as long as he felt the the country was in good hands. He has said that had Elizabeth Warren run last time, he probably wouldn’t have.


But the Democratic Party has dropped the ball. They’re supposed to be unabashedly the party of the people. They’re supposed to have our backs.


Sadly, both parties have been co-opted by oligarchs, plutocrats and corporate interests; as a sad result, the DEMS have become Republican Lite.  Barack Obama admitted as much himself.


Bernie has a history and background few other candidates can match. I like Joe Biden well enough, but if we’re going to nominate an elderly white man, it should be Bernie. He has earned the mantle.


(VP Biden, you have, too, but please refrain from running and campaign for Bernie instead! I’m afraid you’ll cancel each other out and then we’ll get someone less popular to run than either of you are!)


I like Elizabeth Warren well enough, but I don’t think she has been in politics long enough to know what it takes to run the federal government, as much as I like her energy and devotion to saving us all from Wall Street shenanigans.


Of course, any Democrat presently running is better than Donald Trump or (in his fondly-anticipated absence) Mike Pence, but I want the BEST option to be the standard bearer.


And that’s Bernie.


Why should we settle for less when the very best is making himself available again?


He’s the most popular and well-liked unfettered politician in Congress, and has been for years.


Why? Because he has our backs! VP Biden appears too “corporation-friendly” (the politically-correct term for “corporation-subsidized”). https://www.opensecrets.org/members-of-congress/industries?cid=N00001669&cycle=CAREER


Bernie was present for the March on Washington. He  was standing in the crowd in solidarity when Dr. King gave his “I Have a Dream” speech.


Bernie is the full meal deal.  https://www.opensecrets.org/members-of-congress/industries?cid=N00000528&cycle=2018


It’s time to renew American ideals for every citizen. His platform is progressive, compassionate and entirely do-able, despite what the media and other pols tell us. Every policy he’s recommending is already a done deal in most other countries. Why can’t Americans enjoy the same perks of being citizens as the rest of the developed world does?

Its just insane to think we can’t. We’re being hoodwinked by media and most of our present representatives.


It’s time to stand up and go to bat for the man who has been going to bat for us for thirty years.





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