Slimming Down Painlessly


Despite the fact that I haven’t played pickle ball or wally ball in months, I’m slimming down, without much additional effort. I’m elated!


Two days ago I realized my jeans were heading toward my heels as I walking around, so I put on a pair two sizes smaller and realized I could pull them down over my hips without unbuttoning them, too!


This is good news, especially since all of my blood work came back indicating that I’m just as hale and hearty as I was last year at about this same time.


(Usually, when hefty people in my family start losing weight without serious effort, it’s  a sign of failing health, so for me there has always been a love-hate-fear factor about being overweight or losing “too much” weight. But I could lose another 40 pounds and still be in no danger of wasting away to a shadow, so I’m ecstatic with the weight loss I’m experiencing now.)


I just ordered my first pair of size 38 x 28″ jeans in probably twenty years. They will arrive on Saturday and I’m looking forward to seeing how tight they are on me. I hate tight jeans, so I hope they won’t be, but these size 40’s I’m wearing today are definitely too big.


My appetite has changed since I was sick in mid-February with what I think was COVID-19. I don’t ever feel particularly hungry or “crave-y” anymore so, as a result, I’m eating less.


I have been relatively active recently, too, putting a new roof on the goat shed, dunging it out, re-painting my house, tearing up flooring, putting down baseboards and stuff like that.


But, other than that, I really haven’t replaced the exercise I was doing so regularly up until February (three days of pickle ball, two hours each time; two hours of wally ball on Saturdays) so I’m a little surprised that I haven’t gained any of the weight back and have even lost some more. (I can’t wait until I can play pickle ball and wally ball indoors again on a regular basis because those will help me lose more weight.)


I’d like to lose ten more pounds before my chest masculinization surgery in late August or early September. I have no doubt my breast tissue, as much of it as I have, probably weighs three or four pounds, and if that’s the case, I’d weigh in at under 200 following surgery if I lose eight pounds between now and then–and that’s totally do-able, it seems, these days!


Following surgery I’ll have extra incentive to lose the rest because I won’t be hiding my big boobs anymore. I think a lot of my weight issue has been an attempt to disguise my body from outside attempts to classify it. I’ve always worn sweatshirts and coats to hide my boobs as much as possible ’cause I hate them so. They mis-classify me!


I’m pretty sure I’ll want to lose the tummy roll more after these obnoxious upper appendages are gone.


My first consult/eval re the surgery is July 9th.





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