Debate #1 was a Total Shit Show


Last night’s so-called “debate” between Joe Biden and Donald Trump was a total shit show, and the responsibility for the disaster lies with Trump alone.


Trump has the impulse control of a two to three year old child (another reason I never wanted children).


He behaves like he’s the only person with interests and needs, wherever he is.


He cannot empathize or sympathize. He’s a broken human being. Read Mary Trump’s book “Too Much and Never Enough” to find out how it happened. His upbringing doesn’t excuse him, but it does explain how he grew into the “killer” his father expected him to be.


People are blaming moderator Chris Wallace for not keeping control of the situation.  The only possible way to control Trump would be to cut off his microphone at the end of his two minutes and any time Biden is speaking, and I think they should do that (with both men) for the next two debates, or they ought to just cancel them because what we saw last night has given the whole world a closer look at the tyrant in action and they are as appalled as most normal human beings are.


You cannot call what happened last night a debate. You can call it a spectacle, a shit show, an abortion, or any other number of things, but you can’t call it a debate.


You can call it a 90-minute meltdown from the Child in Chief.


Joe Biden called him a clown and told him to shut up.  If  I had been on that stage with Trump, I would have called him a lot worse.


But Biden just defined the man and the situation. Trump is a clown, and all he needed to do to serve himself better would be to shut the hell up and let the moderator ask his questions, and let Biden respond without interruption, and there would have been a chance, however remote, for Trump to win over some undecided voters. (Only undecided bullies and psychopaths could be persuaded to vote for him after last night’s debacle, and most of them are already in his camp.)


But no. It was–as it always is–all about Trump, in his fevered mind.


It wasn’t about letting the American people hear from both sides in a measured way so the ones who are still undecided can decide.


It was, to Trump, all about eviscerating Biden with lie and lie after lie.


In fact, Trump made only ONE true statement last night, and that wasn’t even entirely true. (The tax loophole Trump benefitted from was an Obama thing, and even then he defrauded beyond what the loophole intended, it appears, because the IRS is after him for what he did; Biden didn’t vote on it, or break a tie to get it, but Trump blamed it on him anyway. “Guilt by association” is fine for Biden, but not for Trump/Epstein/the jailed people he appointed to positions of power.)


Everything else Trump said about Biden and his surviving son, Hunter, were lies. Bald-faced, debunked lies. (Yes, Hunter struggled with a drug problem but he beat it. Trump still apparently has his adderall addiction.) In fact, CNN’s Don Lemon observed last night following the debate that, “‘I felt like I was watching a kid whose doctor had prescribed him too much Adderall.’


Trump likes to accuse others (in the total absence of facts) of the same things he does. He accused Mexicans and other Latin American refugees of being rapists. He accuses Biden of taking performance-enhancing drugs.  It’s deflection and projection on steroids. If Trump has accused someone of doing it, he has probably done it.


Anyway, I almost turned the debate off after about fifteen minutes, but I kept thinking Matthews would finally rein Trump in, or pull the plug on his mike, or do something to graciously end the fiasco, but like a dad with a toddler in full-blown temper-throwing mode in a department store, he was flustered, embarrassed and defenseless. A good spanking might have been the answer, had he been an actual dad to the transgressor, but in this case, he was dealing with the POTUS and Secret Service agents would have had a thing or two to say about accosting Trump with anything more potent than wheedling words, so it was what it was.


Again, if we can expect the same kind of shit show for the next two debates, it’s probably best just to cancel them. The world doesn’t need to be exposed to the shameful human being who occupies the White House right now, that’s for sure.


The Democrat in me might want to see more of this on full display because it shows Trump for who and what he is (a dog-whistle racist and more), but the American in me just wants this nightmare to be over so we aren’t pitied any more by the citizens in other nations and so we can look at our President again and see someone who looks and acts the part, instead of what we have now: a total fraud.

Fact-checking last night’s debate:





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