Writing Copy and Content MOSTLY

I’ve been so busy writing copy and content for clients for the past week or so that I haven’t had time to write my own blogs.


I’m not complaining!


It’s terrific that I’ve had work because I’ve just had an extra expense pop up that I wasn’t expecting — to the tune of $1500. (I’ll pay half; my sis will pay half since we share the costs of owning this property equally.)


What happened is a wild critter of (previously-unknown) species died in a secluded space in our home and made the entire structure reek.


We looked and looked to see if we could find it above the floorboards.


When we didn’t, we hired Clean Crawls to come in and go under our house to look for the source of the odor and to critter-proof all access points from under there. (That’s where the expense came in but it was worth it, and Jackie told me, “You couldn’t pay me enough to go under there and do what they do!”)


They didn’t find anything dead under there, just lots of dirt, dust bunnies and some rat poop.


The place definitely smelled better after Clean Crawls did their thing (vacuuming up rat poop, sealing holes and putting a screen on a crawl space door that was chewed on by rats, putting down a non-toxic chemical to deactivate whatever disease factors might be lurking, placing rat traps in smart locations, etc.) but the smell of decay continued to assail our nostrils. It was sickening!


Then, just last night, I finally pinpointed exactly where the odor was coming from, but I had to tear out part of the front of my bathtub wall to locate the source.


To do that, I had to unbolt the cabinet next to it and move it aside and then unscrew about eight screws that were holding the wall that was supporting the lip of the tub.


I had to do all this mostly left-handed because my right hand is semi-handicapped because of Dupuytrens Contracture. (Jackie was away at a friend’s house eating dinner, so she wasn’t available to help.)


It was a huge project, as a result, for a left-handed right-hander, but I was determined to succeed as soon as I knew, for a fact, where the odor of decay was emanating from.


When I finally got in behind the wall and under the tub, there it was: a huge, bloated, dead rat. YUK!!! It must have died of old age. (They only live a few years.) It didn’t look injured, but it sure enough was DEAD!


I know. TMI. (Too much information.)


But just thought I’d let you know I haven’t been ignoring my blogging responsibilities; I’ve just been “otherwise occupied” for quite understandable reasons.


Some things just out-rank blogging, and removing a dead rat and satisfying my clients come first!


I think one of the new clients will be with me for quite some time. If he is, I’ll give you more information. He’s got great critter-related products and I’m writing content for his blogs (750 to 900 words each). It’s a lot of fun because it’s all about animals, one of my areas of expertise and definitely among my top three passions! So I’m happy and hope he is, too, so I can keep writing for him.


That’s all for this time! Aren’t you glad?!

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