White Male Supremacists are Cowards


White male supremacists are bullies because they’re cowards.


They’re scared spit-less that when their reign of terror ends–and it will–they’ll be treated by us the way they treated us–their employees, their wives, their female children, and all of their other pawns and “underlings”.


Many rich white people are the same way. They know who they’ve walked all over to get where they are (unless they inherited their money, and then they’re often useless as tits on a boar) and they’re afraid that if we demand that they pay their fair share of taxes so the rest of us can breathe a little bit easier and actually enjoy life without constant stress, we’ll figure out we’re just as valuable and as deserving as they are of life’s perks and pleasures and we won’t feel like living hat-in-hand anymore praying they’ll be merciful and pay us living wages and the benefits they did in the old days B.R.W.R. (Before Republicans Went Rogue).


White supremacists and rich white people have had it good for the entire life of this nation. Giving up any piece of their privilege now to level the playing field feels like being stolen from. You know the feeling, if you’re not one of them. You’ve been stolen from your whole life in one way or another, by them.


They’ve undervalued you and your work; they’ve patted you on the head when you’ve pleased them and brutalized you in some way when you’ve disappointed or frightened them with your smarts, your skills, or your uppity-ness.


People like Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Eric Dyson, Neil deGrasse Tyson,  Eugene Robinson and so many others scare white supremacists snot-less because they contradict their  Big Lie that asserts all black people are less smart and less accomplished than even the dimmest bulb white male supremacist.


They want us to harken back to the days when Amos and Andy, Stepin Fetchit, housemaids and janitors were the absolute pinnacle careers that black people should aspire to. After all, it was less than 150 years ago when black people (and wives of all colors) were considered property in the same way that animals and homes and kitchen tables are now…tools to be used in whichever ways a white male saw fit, sentience, respect and consideration be damned…


Look at white male supremacists when they gather, the WMS crowd. Do they look to you like cream of the crop white men?


Hardly! They look like open-carry buffoons: swaggering, puffed up,cocky imbeciles, strutting like peacocks and acting like asses (my apologies to four-legged asses).


Back in the day, they hid their identities under hoods, but now that they have one of their very own–Enabler in Chief in Donald Trump–they’re out, loud and proud…and disgusting to the rest of us.


Nobody at  Women’s Marches feels it’s necessary to open carry weapons during their protests…and heaven forbid a person of color should try the same tactic; he or she would be likely to be shot down without mercy because some white man “feared for my life…”  What a bunch of panty wastes!


White supremacists know that the demographics of this nation are changing rapidly and that their days of grace (unmerited favor) and glory are nearing an end.


They know that at some point the people they’ve been riding roughshod over will have the upper hand, and they know karma isn’t usually kind to creeps.


The day of reckoning is coming and they aren’t feeling very good about that.


So they’re doing everything in their power to push that day off.


They’re gerrymandering districts, making it harder for people of color and working women of all colors to vote.


They’re cramming judicial seats with far-right white supremacist evangelists who, for some crazy reason, believe God and Jesus (a Middle Easterner) are lily white and that the Bible (written in the Middle East by Middle Eastern men, the Franklin Grahams, Pat Robertsons and Jim Bakers of their day) commends their white supremacy and their misogynistic stances on women’s lives, careers, and bodies.


They’re raising up and recruiting as many ignorant young’uns as they can to keep the myth alive that they are God’s gift to our nation and the only true heirs of its bounty,  beauty and freedoms.


They’re jailing as many people of color as they can because people in prison can’t vote.


They’re trying to keep people from being freely educated through college because they know educated people become less fearful and more “liberal” (less racist, sexist and misogynistic) when they’re exposed to a world and to other people who aren’t the scary stereotypes they make them out to be.


White male supremacists are afraid. Maybe they should be.


But I have a strong feeling that very few people who have been mistreated by white supremacists are looking for revenge. Most of them will settle for relief and equity.  Because they know what it’s like to be treated like crap. They’re better than that.


That’s something else to think about. Would white supremacists have survived 400 years in the same circumstances as people of color (and all women) without raising up an army to correct the outrage? I very much doubt it.


Women and people of color are far more civilized (and forgiving/forbearing) than white male supremacists, and they always have been!!!


People of color and women are better citizens than white supremacists by a country mile.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it…














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