Now that Trump is out of the way, I have new nemeses: the blinders-wearing losers who have been following him like lemmings into the abyss by ignoring science.


Members of my own family (or maybe I should say my sister’s family, since I’m being verbally shunned by them for being transparently transgender and progressive) are a prime example. The ones who don’t wear masks when they come to our address to visit on the other side of the house. (Thankfully, we live in a kind of duplex, or I would have been long gone by now.)


They are arrogant far right evangelical cultists. They don’t care if they infect my sister or me.  (Not that my sister seems to care all that much about whether she gets infected, based on her continuing risky activities.)


If she dies, I get left holding the bag after she pretty much insisted we borrow $40K to remodel this place, putting our mortgage balance up to $80K from $40K. (I cautioned against the remodel during a pandemic, not wanting to put our mortgage higher when neither if us could guarantee we’ll survive COVID.)


If she dies, she thinks she gets to go to heaven.


(Even if there is a heaven, I very much doubt  Trump cultists/white supremacists will wind up there — or love it when they get there — since Jesus was by all accounts a radical, socialist, brown-skinned social justice Jewish kind of guy, the very antithesis of Trump and his Hitleresque Aryan xenophobic policies.)


I can’t afford this place by myself and neither can she (although she can afford it a helluva lot easier than I can). I’d have to sell it, re-home my goats, and move out.


But does she care?  No, she doesn’t.


It’s like she and her brood are mini Trumps:

as long as they get what they want,

it doesn’t matter who else gets hurt.

Collateral damage doesn’t affect them.

They can just walk away.


I am sooooo tired of being kept in limbo by anti-mask-holes who think only of themselves. If everyone had been PATRIOTS (as they claim to be, HA HA HA HA HA), they would simply have complied with what has been asked of us by physicians and scientists since COVID came calling and we wouldn’t be entering a perilous new chapter or have 250,000 people dead (which is expected to at least DOUBLE and may well quadruple because of their obstinate continuing risky behaviors!) and hundreds of thousands of families left  bereft.


But until someone in THEIR family DIES of COVID, they will consider these deaths fine with them.


This in-your-face, arrogant, self-righteous positioning disgusts me. They’re the least Christian Christians in my neck of the woods.


They go to church, but they also go into garages, and that doesn’t make them automobiles. They’re cult-driven androids, is what they are.


The very few people who come to visit me wear facemasks whenever they’re here (as do I), they isolate as best they can when they’re not, and they social distance and wash their hands every time they come into contact with anyone or anything that might carry COVID.  It isn’t hard to do, and even if it were, during a fucking pandemic it’s the humanitarian thing to do.


People are dying because too many people are thumbing their noses at the protocols designed to keep them from infecting other people.


Wearing a mask, washing our hands and social distancing  isn’t about protecting ourselves; it’s about protecting those around us in case we’re carrying the virus from some unknown location.  It’s simple courtesy to think of how we affect others during a pandemic.


But all this seems lost even on college-educated numbskulls like my nephew and niece “because Trump”, because they believe they’re protected by God, and because….


Oh, I’m just so sick of their unspoken internalized justifications and rationalizations. They’ve listened to Focus on the Family and other far right evangelical prognosticators for so long that they truly believe that Obama was evil and Trump the Terrible is somehow akin to the Second Coming.


It would be hysterically funny if it weren’t so potentially terrifying.


You can’t fix fanaticism. Losers have to want to fix themselves. And there is very little evidence that they have any interest in taking off their blinders and looking at the wider world and conditions around them.


The world is hurting. And it isn’t social justice advocates like Jesus or me who are causing the wounding (except for maybe right now, with this blog post…but I’m so very tired of just silently ignoring it as if it doesn’t concern or affect me, because it most certainly does.)


Instead of putting the Christ back in Christmas, I’d like to find a way to put Christ back into self-proclaimed Christians.


I am so done with the current state of affairs!



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