90 Days on the Front Line of the COVID Pandemic

90 Days on the Front Line of the COVID Pandemic
The above timeline article isĀ  riveting. I had no idea that the hospital I had my chest masculinization surgery at in August was the same hospital (UW-Northwest) that was at the epicenter of the COVID-19 response. (I knew UW was at the helm but not the specific campus.)
Read this to learn the tremendous efforts expended to give us protocols and ways to survive this deadly pandemic–and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE honor, respect and follow the guidelines that Governor Inslee has laid out to keep us all as safe as possible until there is a rollout of the vaccine, because the people on the front lines of saving lives are exhausted and running on fumes. The fewer people they have to treat in hospitals, the better for them and the families infected!!!
These people are freaking miracle workers and when we don’t comply with their guidelines and measures, we’re essentially spitting in their eyes and deeming them expendable.
WAKE UP ANTI-MASKERS AND IN-PERSON, MULTI-FAMILY HOLIDAY CELEBRANTS! This is NOT the year, or the time, to get “tired” of COVID and tempt the fates. IT WON’T END WELL IF YOU DO!
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