Turned Off Comments — Too Much Spam


Turned Off Comments — Too Much Spam!


I asked Lisa to turn off comments on this blog because spammers are flooding me with garbage and I rarely get legit comments anyway.


So, to contact me, please email me at krisATwordwhispererDOTnet or befriend me on Facebook (Kris M. Smith, Tacoma WA).


I love hearing from you when you feel like reaching out but I’m exceedingly tired of having to delete and block unwanted spammers. It got to a point there I was getting 30 to 40  day, which means this blog must be pretty high profile to have spammers flooding me with crap.   So, I’m happy about the reach, but not about the result!


Most people don’t comment on blog posts. At least, on my blog posts. IF/when they do, they usually do it on Facebook after I’ve posted a link to a post–so I’m going to get the responses that truly matter, even with comments turned off. YAY!


That’s really all I have to say for this post.  (I want to stick to one subject per post as much as possible.) So… bye bye for now!

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