Keeping Two Blog Sites Going Has Become a Chore


I’m going to be blogging less here and on my new site at because trying to keep both stocked is too time-consuming a chore.


I love to write, but I also need to be writing for clients and writing books, and there are only so many hours in a day…


So, if you’re missing me here, go there to see what’s happening.  It’s my writing services website, but I don’t always stay on topic there (any more than I do here).


Today, though, I’m not doing much at all. I’m mostly just anticipating taking my cat Patches to the Seattle vet on Monday for her radioactive iodine thyroid treatment, and sending messages to current clients to see when they anticipate they’ll be using me next so I can put them on my calendar. And at 2PM I have a Zoom call with a current client to see what my next marching orders from her will be.


It’s a gorgeous day outside — blue skies, billowy clouds — but it’s very nippy or I would be outside propping up the goat fence better (where the fallen trees took it out a week ago) or refilling the two-yard dumpster that we have for another two weeks.  It was emptied early this morning. I just can’t bring myself to do those things right now. Maybe later, after the Zoom call.  Or tomorrow. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny, too…


(I’m wearing one of DeForest Kelley’s sweaters today and I don’t feel like taking it off and putting on outside work clothes.)


Anyway, when it comes to following me, you’ll be able to find me here or at


And a few times a day, you’ll find me live on Facebook.


I think I’m still mostly just basking in the afterglow of a much-needed, long-awaited, deeply-enjoyed inauguration.  I haven’t felt this relaxed, peaceful and joyous in over four very long years.  I feel like the cavalry came over the hill at the last possible right time to make a difference in the outcome.


A terrible episode in our history has ended and a bright new one is beginning. I may not always be in complete lockstep agreement with Biden-Harris policies or decisions, but I will always know they are coming from a place of conscience. And God only knows, unless we were right there in the trenches with them, how we’d see what should be tackled first, second and third. There’s a very long list of things that have to be addressed and fixed in record time. Being in that Oval Office deciding how to go about them can’t be easy. Nothing easy ever reaches that office. It’s all weighty, and necessary, and crucial.


I won’t be second-guessing them for at least half a year. At that time, I’ll start watching like a hawk to see if they’re getting us where we need to go capably enough that the whole country can see it and decide to keep the DEMs in charge after the midterms, too.


This is their defining hour. If they don’t deliver now — either because they get crazy pushback from the GOP or because they aren’t using their time prudently — an awakened, proactive citizenry will be watching … and voting to endorse them again or to deny them as much power as they have.


And I think that both Biden and Harris want their term(s) in office to be positively consequential to all Americans. I feel very strongly about that.  I’m holding all good thoughts and enormous hope that they won’t be callously obstructed or kneecapped by minority leader Mitch McConnell and other GOP partisans, many of whom (in my opinion) should be unseated for continuing the charade that the election was stolen, and several of whom (it appears) were involved in the recent insurrection attempt.  (Investigations are ongoing, and there appear to be enough smoking guns to warrant them. Those who did help the insurrectionists should be not just removed from their seats but charged as accessories to a capital crime.)




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