Remarkable Lucid Dreams Last Night


I had a couple remarkably lucid dreams last night, one of them confrontational, the other mystical and magical.




In the confrontational dream, I was with my far-right sister and two of her male friends, who looked like Neanderthal knuckle-draggers to me.  (Not at all like my younger sister’s actual friends, most of whom are church-goers — which is a sad commentary on religion itself, given their politics!).


They were bitching about people who weren’t like them — not white, not straight and cisgender, not nationalists, “not real Americans” in their concept of what Americans “should” be — and I pretty much lost it and decided to get all up in their faces about their viewpoints.


I told my sis, “You are completely off the rails here. All of you are.”


Then I said, “Let me ask you, do any of you  have a single black, brown, immigrant, or LGBTQIA+ close friend?  By close, I mean one you actually sought out as a friend who didn’t just enter your life as a result of your jobs or activities? People you can claim as true bosom buddies — people you can invite into your homes and share your hidden shames and dearest secrets with? Not sports, not games, not TV shows, but real insights into each other’s lives and experiences?”


They were all silent, so I said,  “Then, you don’t get to decide how they are, what they think, or how they should be viewed and treated. You need to stop listening to far right fear-mongers and start adopting some of the people who don’t look, love, or think the way you do.”


Although my sister remained quiet, I could see that her wheels were turning and she was thinking about what I had said. The two guys, however, went into full-blown combat mode. They swelled into malevolent militant barricades (energetically) and began to invade my space by approaching me.


As that occurred, we were suddenly in a vehicle (we had been in a home before) and one of the guys (the two guys were in the back seat behind me, although I could see their faces and upper bodies) demanded that I get out of the car and go with him.


I told him, “Hell no. I’m not going anywhere. I want these two (my sister and the other guy) to witness whatever you plan to do to me.” I figured if he beat me up or murdered me for my “impertinence” I wanted his friends (and especially my sister) to see what disagreeing with a racist, white nationalist/supremacist authoritarian tyrant can lead to.


The tyrant exited the vehicle, opened my car door (I was in the passenger seat), and reached in to grab and pull me out of the car, and I left that dream.




In the next dream, which happened sometime later this morning, I was sitting around a kitchen-type table with my dad (who was much younger than he was when he died, about 30 or 35 in this dream) and someone who looked very much like my dear friend Nina Alicia Martinez when she had her hair cut short and visited me about five years ago from Austin. (It may have been her, or just so close to her as to give my dream person the same spiritual lovingkindness that Nina possesses.)


“Nina” went into what looked to be a spirit-led soliloquy about the two of us sitting with her at the table. She left her chair and began to step around the table to get closer to where we were sitting (Nina had been sitting across the table from me, and Dad was sitting at the head of the table to my right). I could sense a spiritual “cord” of some kind within her aura that followed her and eventually encircled both of us as she sang to us, telling us via amazing lyrics how wonderful and beloved both of us were.  I wish I could remember the words. They were heaven-sent, imbued with lovingkindness.


I was watching my dream Nina from both within the dream itself and from without, fascinated by the way she was able to make two people who usually discounted their ability to love (well) and be truly loved feel love for the first time in its highest essence. For me, feeling the love was easier and faster because I have felt brief moments of it in my waking life before, but for Dad it was a true revelation.


He and Nina both became tearful, so Nina lingered with him longest, imbuing him with the certain knowledge and understanding that he was truly beloved, and that he deserved to be. (Dad had a terrible upbringing. An unwanted child — as was his next brother — they felt like excess baggage and had an authoritarian, violent, alcoholic tyrant for a father, so he never felt worthy or loved as a child and had an impossible time accepting it as his birthright as an adult. He was a defensive, Silverback Gorilla type — fierce in appearance (a wall he had built to protect himself from his off-the-rails father) but a teddy bear in reality, very lovable when not posing as a badass.)




Talk about two different dreams!!!  My emotions during both were intense. I was the quintessential spellbinding orator (in my own mind) during the confrontational dream, explaining forcefully that my sister and her friends were being completely unfair and punitive to fellow Americans whom they knew nothing about personally, and totally silent in the next one, embracing the message about being completely adored and worthy by a spiritual angel.


This morning, I realized that both dreams share a common theme: unconditional love.


When we can all experience and offer unconditional love, our world problems will disappear because we will treat each other and the planet that supports us all the way we should instead of the ways in which our upbringing or entertainment and news choices can separate us into fearful silos where we feel threatened by people we don’t even know.



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