Midterms are Winding Down, Madman Trump is Winding Up…

I breathed a sigh of relief when the midterms put the House of Representatives back in the hands of Democrats so there is a counter-balance against Trump and Company’s worst excesses.


It didn’t last long. It never does, and it never will, as long as we have a Two Year Old in the Oval Office.


Madman Trump fired Sessions (okay, told him to resign) and then put in his place a guy who’s already on  record saying that the Mueller investigation is a witch hunt and needs to be reined in.


Madman Trump banned CNN reporter Jim Acosta from the White House Press Room for asking legitimate questions that he didn’t like, then accused him of inappropriately touching the intern who tried wresting the microphone he was holding from him… and his Press Secretary issued an InfoWars’ doctored video to “prove” the lie.


He told the Democrats that if they think they’re going to investigate him in the new year after the new Congress gets to work, two can play that game.


And Chief Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg fell and broke three ribs  last night and is in the hospital today. She’s among the few left on the Supreme Court to keep the Justice Department from swinging so far right that laws can be reinterpreted and skewed to support far-right ideologies that marginalize American citizens and support oligarchs, plutocrats and corporations (Citizens United, anyone? The Patriot Act, anyone?)


I was soooo looking forward to breathing a longer sigh of relief, but I should have known better while Madman Trump and his minions are in office.


His sycophants get off on keeping people riled up, angry, off-balance, and hankering for a fight.  It’s Trump’s favorite game: being an instigator, a rabble-rouser, a temper tantrum thrower, a giver of permission to everyone around him to follow suit and lash out against perceived injustices against white supremacy and the dark powers that presently be…


People have been telling me a Civil War is coming. I thought they might be imagining things. I’m not longer so sure.


I can certainly foresee martial law being declared by Trump, and curfews established, and public protests turned into blatant Tiananmen Square and Kent State massacres by National Guardsmen.


Our Madman in Chief is on track to out-Hitler Hitler.


Why do I say this?


His xenophobic, anti-Semitic, racist, anti-LGBTQI rants echo Hitler’s rhetoric and give his  followers wet dreams and dangerous, violent ideas.


But Hitler had the decency to commit suicide as the truth came home to roost that his madness wasn’t going to convince and encircle the globe; by contrast, Trump will never do that. He will just double down. He’s convinced himself he’s completely indispensable.


Trump will never recognize defeat, even if he winds up in an orange jumpsuit rotting in jail.


He’s absolutely convinced he’s right.


Always right.


Even when he’s on both sides of an issue within seconds.


He’s always the only one who’s 100% right 100% of the time.


He has never admitted to being wrong about a single thing.


Even after the five black men accused of raping a women in Central Park were proven innocent and acquitted, he continued to call for capitol punishment against them.


He’s been deemed mentally ill by scores of professionals, which is the politically correct term for “madman“.


And because he’s a malignant narcissist (at the very least; in my opinion, he’s also a sociopath or a psychopath), everyone else in his orbit is supposed to serve as his puppet… except for the people in the Kremlin whose puppet he most likely is.


He loves dictators. He had a copy of Hitler’s speeches by his bed, according to one of his ex-wives.  It might be the only book he’s ever read-and he must’ve memorized it, because his speeches are so similar as to be almost plagiarism.


It’s going to take more than midterms to bring this madman to justice. It’s going to take the combined efforts of Americans across the political spectrum to stand up and say “Enough is enough! This is NOT the way an American president is supposed to think,  behave or respond to praise or to criticism!”


He jumps down the throats of critical people and gobbles up the fawning praise of his followers. No one in their right mind believes, as he does: that he only deserves veneration  and praise.

Not even the Dalai Lama would go that far.


Or Mother Teresa.


Only one man walked on water. (Spoiler alert: It wasn’t Donald J. Trump.)





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