Media Bias


Here’s a link to the most recent Media Bias chart:


(Print it out and keep it in front of you as you read the rest of this post, or use split screen to view both.)


I think it’s particularly crucial during these terrible times to take a step back from the precipice and pay attention to where the information  that you’re basing your conclusions (or your votes) on is coming from.


Starting at the top and moving down are various news and “fake news” sources, listed from most reliable to least reliable.


In other words, only once in a blue moon do some of the companies in the red zone at the very bottom actually get something right (correct).


But at no time should they become your North Star if facts matter to you at all. (The red zone is where people stay and play whose internal confirmation bias rules their brains.)


Notice how quickly, as you move down the chart, news becomes opinion. It’s right there under the top category. BOOM!


But the opinion companies higher up on the chart actually base their opinions on the legitimate news sources listed above them; they don’t just pull them out of their rear ends (as  the folks in the red zone at the bottom of the chart frequently do) and try to snooker you into adopting them.


(Opinions are like anuses: everybody has them. But not all opinions come from sound minds and compassionate hearts.)


Media bias is a real thing.


The problem is that the present administration wants you to consider everything outside the red zone on the right at the very bottom to be “fake news” — and it just ain’t so!


In fact, the present administration has played the red zone media outlets and their mostly-unschooled/under-educated/racist/sexist/homophobic/xenophobic adherents like fiddles, elevating their delusions into the national discourse in a way they never could have achieved on their own before in this day and age.


Cheat Sheet:


If Trump or anyone in his administration or  the GOP proclaims something as “fake news”, it isn’t


If Trump says “Believe me,” don’t. 


If his lips are moving, mute the channel and watch his body language.


Please Vote. This is truly the most crucial midterm election in the nation’s history. The whole world is watching and waiting, half in agony, to see if we’ll right this dangerously-tilting ship of state.


If we don’t, there’ll be hell to pay.



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