Final Womb Man Cover is EXCEPTIONAL!!!



I am seriously, deliriously delighted with the way the Womb Man cover turned out. Lisa Twining Taylor of Dancing Goat Web Design just gets better and better by the day–and she started out AMAZING, so I don’t know how that’s even possible!


Oh, yes, I do. Lisa is the learning-est (how do you like that word?) person I’ve ever met. As knowledge-hungry as I am, she leaves me in the dust! I am NOT a techie. She is both a techie and a creative–both sides of her brain work great! (I’m mostly right-brained–the creative hemisphere.)


I’m waiting for Createspace to review the whole shebang and let me order a galley proof. That should happen sometime today. As soon as it does, I’ll warp speed a couple of galley proofs to myself (one to rifle through to confirm that everything is just the way I want it, the other to display until the box of books comes in), take a look, and make the book live for purchase as soon as I can. Why? Because pre-orders are coming in at a happy clip and I want to provide links to the various editions to these folks so they can order the book in whatever format they prefer (PDF, Kindle, soft cover)!


I may be more excited about this title than any of my others–and that’s saying a bunch! Two beta readers have told me Womb Man is the best thing I’ve ever written. (That makes sense: the more a person writes, the better they get! DUH!)


I firmly believe that Womb Man is going to save lives and help cisgender parents, teachers, pastors, counselors and naysayers truly understand the transgender experience, from earliest years (long before hormones and sexual orientation appear***)  through adulthood. I think that’s what’s been missing in the discussion. If I can get readers to walk in my shoes from childhood to adulthood, I feel certain that it will help things change for the better.


At least I hope so! I’d hate to think I put myself out there, making myself vulnerable to homophobic rants and fundamentalist naysayers, without the exposure doing something positive to change things for transgender folks!


I’m keeping the retail price dangerously low — just enough to provide a tiny boost of income to me– so it’s easy to afford at nearly every income level. (If you need/want this book–or any of my other titles–and are living at or below the poverty line, please let me know! I will do my best to make it happen for you!!!)


The title will be available at libraries that choose to carry it, too.



*What’s the difference between sexual orientation and gender orientation?


Sexual orientation is who you go to bed with; gender orientation is who you go to bed as.


Gender orientation preexists sexual orientation and is independent of it. That is, transgender individuals can be straight, gay, bisexual, asexual, pansexual, etc. in the same way cisgender folks can.


But gender orientation isn’t chiefly about what happens between the sheets. It’s about what happens between the ears when it comes to forming life-long, committed bonds of affection and support. You’ll find out a lot more about this when you read the book.


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