Back in Action with Pickle Ball

Yesterday marked my first day back in action playing Pickle Ball.


I had to skip playing for two solid weeks after getting “a hitch in my get-along” (as Tennessee Ernie Ford–and, earlier, cowboys–called it back in the day) and limping around for that long.


The interesting thing is that I don’t know how I managed to get a hitch in my get-along, but for a while I was limping almost like Walter Brennan in The Real McCoys. I didn’t get it playing pickle ball.


The last  time I played pickle ball was on a Friday. The first time I felt the hitch in my get-along was the following Monday.


I’m firmly convinced it happened in bed while I was sound asleep. I went to bed without it, awoke the next morning with it. It hurt to walk!


I took several doses of acetaminophen as the days passed, it was so uncomfortable.


So, I expected to feel sore after playing pickle ball yesterday for the first time in two weeks.


But I guess I must have stretched and warmed up sufficiently, because I don’t feel any soreness today, and that’s weird, because I was feeling a little sore all during the three weeks or so that I played before getting laid up.


Strange, huh?!


Not that I’m complaining, mind you! It’s fabulous that I feel so buff (even though I’m not).


My team mate(s)¬† and I won about half the games we played yesterday during the two and a half hours we played. I didn’t sit out more than five minutes twice during that time, so I’m guessing we played about eight or ten games. (I’m figuring fifteen minutes per game on average. All last at least that long; some go longer.)


Pickle ball is a blast. If you haven’t heard of it, look it up on YouTube. If you haven’t played it, I highly encourage you to try it. You’ll have so much fun, you’ll forget you’re exercising!

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