After Trump…

Beyond Trump (which–please, voters!–will be in 2020) there will be challenges galore, but they will appear more manageable because formerly-complacent voters are complacent no more, and because there are more of us than there are of racist, sexist, misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic Trumpsters–thank God!


There are also a lot more women and other under-represented people in Congress now than ever before, and there will be even more after the 2020 election. Most are progressives. Eventually–and I think it will be relatively soon–there will be a tipping point and we will begin to reclaim our federal government as a government of, by and for the people instead of of, by, and for corporations, plutocrats and oligarchs.


But I want to make everyone reading this aware that anti-representative forces are doing everything in their powers to divide and separate those of us who are Democrats and Independents by running “purity” tests and articles.


I want to remind everyone of Voltaire’s cautionary phrase:

“Perfect is the enemy of good.”


As much as I love some of them, none of the announced Democratic or Independent candidates are perfect. Many of them are good.  A few of them are even terrific!


But ANY of them are heads and shoulders better representatives than the Orange Menace and the sycophants presently in power in the Oval (Offal) Office.


The present occupants of the White House and their toadies in Congress have agendas that are not helping American citizens. I know most of you reading this agree readily with this statement. The rest of you have been fed a huge (!!!!) truckload of lies that you’re not willing to test for their legitimacy; your prejudices are keeping you from seeing what is right before everyone else’s eyes.


Trump and his minions will go down in history as an aberration, as a coup that lasted a few harrowing years and then was brought down (and hopefully to justice under the law)


The powers that be–internal and external, Republican/Democratic/Russian/etc.–will do their best to divide us and if they succeed,  Trump and his fellow scoundrels in halls of power with undue influence will continue to hack away at the fabric of our society.


The powers-that-be in greedy corporate America (where we get our news from) will tell us Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are “beyond the pale”, far left ideologues when, in fact, they’re considered moderates/mainstream in other developed countries. These two representatives are holding before us the reality that other countries’ citizens enjoy as a result of paying their taxes: universal health care, education from early childhood through college, paid childcare for working parents, five-week vacations from the first year of employment, higher wages… and the list goes on!


But first things first. The first order of business is defeating the Republican Party as it is presently constituted because it has become the party of unmitigated bigotry, collusion and  obstruction.


Let’s support and caucus for eligible progressives like Bernie Sanders or his designated hitters in 2020 and vote for whoever is the Democratic nominee that year (to dump Trump with a huge thump as an act of solidarity against his policies and predation).


After that’s accomplished, we can focus on moving the corporate DEMS in Congress off the bench (or out of the White House, if a corporate Dem is our Trump-defeating next President) and replace them with progressives.


AOC isn’t eligible to run for President until she’s 36; between now and then, following the 2020 election, let’s focus on electing more progressives and retiring the representatives who remain beholden to oligarchs, plutocrats and corporations for their funding (as if what they’re paid as representatives isn’t enough to live on and enjoy a decent life).


We don’t want to burn the Capitol to the ground and start over; there are some (some!!!) great representatives there right now, and more just joined! We want to save and protect the Bernie Sanders/Ocasio-Cortezes/Jeff Merkleys and others who have our backs while bringing on others whose hearts and minds are occupied by justice for all, Medicare for all, education for all, etc.


We can’t pole vault to where we need to go–the last election proved how quixotic a fantasy that was. Instead, let’s work with the 2020 tsunami that’s building to wash away the worst of the miscreants in 2020 and then scrub the floors of Congress after that.


That’s a workable solution.


DON’T DIVIDE. UNITE. STAND TOGETHER. Build some bridges and relationships now so that later we can work together to iron out the finer details. People who don’t believe exactly as you in–in the same candidate you do–aren’t your enemies. They’re allies now and potential allies in the future.


Make friends now and your feuds will be fewer later!




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