A New Review of DeForest Kelley Up Close & Personal

WOW! Just WOW! Look at this AMAZING email that Samantha Pitts just sent me, which she has given me permission to republish and take snippets from, as I see fit, to use in marketing pieces. I’m blown away.


Hello Kris,

Within the past week, I’ve both read and listened to your wonderful memoir of DeForest Kelley. I read with an intensity of focus, slaking a thirst I didn’t really know I had. So many things about this experience provoked a deep sense of gratitude that prompts me to write a few words of thanks. Your words pulled me in and I was there. The magical almost fairy tale account of your meeting with the Kelley’s and the evolving relationship with them. Getting to really know DeForest and having my perception of what kind of person he was validated. Discovering the gem that was Carolyn. The humor, wit and shenanigans from you and the gang of the DKFC and the Kelley’s themselves. The absolute love, the respect, and sheer tenderness woven throughout. And, so much more that I don’t quite have the words to express everything right now. But it seems important to at least let you know. So instead of being asleep in bed by now I am still up finishing this note to say thank you , thank you, thank you for sharing.

Warm regards,

Samantha Pitts


“Slaking a thirst I didn’t really know I had.” What a GREAT line! In an ad, that line ALONE should sell copies. I sat up a long time contemplating that line. How many other fans think, “Yeah, I really should get that book, but I want something else more right now, so I’ll put it off.”


PLEASE BUY THE BOOK WHILE I’M STILL ALIVE so I can enjoy your take on it (and a less-frugal/skimpy existence as a Creative)!!! DEAD AUTHORS DON’T GET TO HEAR WHAT READERS THINK OF THEIR EFFORTS. I love hearing from readers!

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