Become Shamelessly, Fearlessly You Excerpt


I’d be lying if I said “None of the things you saw listed (or listed yourself) in the foregoing chapter really matter.” Of course they matter, or you wouldn’t be feeling the way you do about them.

But remember: 16% of the population feels exactly the same way you do about themthey just don’t let their shortcomings and idiosyncrasies dictate what they’re going to do today to make things better.

Instead, some of the 16% are going to tackle their most-bothersome bugaboos and start cropping their list so the things that really bug them are no longer eating them alive:

  • The people who recognize how little difference there is intellectually between people who can’t read (illiterates) and those who don’t read will decide to expand their horizons by reading more or buying audio books
  • The introverts who realize they’re suffering as a result of their separation from society will decide to step outside their comfort zones and find ways to engage and interact so they can experience life more fully
  • Those who are experiencing unendurable gender dysphoria will decide to do what it takes to make their outward presentation reflect who they really are