Settle For Best Reviews


I homeschooled my kids in their junior high and high school years. If "Settle for Best: Satisfy the Winner You Were Born to Be" was written then, there's no doubt that I would have included it in my curriculum. Kristine M. Smith is authentic and passionate in her writing and her straightforward approach to finding one's potential is, both, refreshing and encouraging. I highly recommend this book to all who are exploring a new career or course of study. You won't be disappointed. I wasn't. - Cassandra Anthony-Lay

Kristine M. Smith's new book "Settle For Best" is a book in the tradition of many success inspiring books but it differs in its brevity and succinctness. If you have never read a book about success this one is a must. It covers all the bases without getting bogged down by detail, but includes most every valuable insight available in a virtual library of books on the subject. Even if you have read an entire library of such books, this one is a must for the same reason: it reaffirms and underscores the essential elements on the topic.

Kristine’s style is friendly and never preachy or long winded and a joy to read. I recommend this as an ideal bedside book to be read one short chapter each evening and the content contemplated as one drifts into sleep where they may consolidate into the actions and attitudes of the following day toward the successful achievement of your goals whatever they may be. Over time it should be dog-eared and highlighted from reading and rereading until the spirit and insight of her generous words become a part of your daily habits. - Raan Joseph

Kristine Smith's book is a layman's look at Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich". Kristine boils down the essential attributes of success into today's language and nuances. She stresses that these assets and attributes "will work wonders in any area of your life - financial, physical, spiritual, and emotional."
This book is very encouraging and realistic. Kristine has walked the path before you, pointing out potential roadblocks or detours that can derail you if you're not watchful. She's not stuffy, but down to earth in her approach guiding you down a very do-able route to find yourself and in the process, find success!
Discover the truth about yourself - that you do matter and you have a purpose. This book was another confirmation to me that I'm headed in the right direction and revealed the things that I still need to work on to make the trip smoother. – Sandra Morris

I'm not normally one for reading self-help books. But reading Settle for Best was like sitting down with a good friend talking one on one of nice cup of coffee. Anyone who's looking for the right path to success (being happy, not necessarily wealthy) should definitely pick this copy up and give it a read. All too often we get distracted, Kristine give you the right tools to help put yourself back on the right path. - Erik