Settle For Best Excerpt


It Takes DESIRE to Focus Fiercely on Your Goals

The difference between a daydream and a definite, do-able goal is unquenchable desire. If you’re completely satisfied simply dreaming “what if…,” you won’t achieve anything more. The dream itself will be adequate.

When what you want is insatiable, unquenchable, irresistible, you’re where you must be, mindset-wise, to pursue and attain it. What you want has to compel you through challenges, setbacks, roadblocks, financial hardships, and the whispered worry and skepticism of family, friends, and associates.

What is Desire?

If you’ve ever been “in love,” you know what I’m talking about. In Disney terms, like the teen-age Bambi, you’re “twitter-pated.” You can’t eat, sleep, bathe, work, or play without thinking of your beloved. You’re obsessed, possessed!

Confession Time: The reason I’ve never become rich is because the “money chase” only motivates me passionately when I’m running on fumes financially. I realize, now—belatedly—that this is a risky way to live, so these days I’m money-minded every day…not because I want to be rich, but because I definitely don’t want to continue existing just above the poverty line for the rest of my life!

Up until now what has motivated me, and motivates me still, is stringing words together. When I’m writing, I’m deliriously happy, and because of this, I decided to hang my shingle five years ago and dedicate my waking hours to writing for a living. It has been slow going; it has been scary at times, risky for sure…but I feel more alive than I have at any other time in my life. I’m doing what I was meant to do.

If there’s something you simply MUST do—something you’d do for free if you weren’t compelled to earn money to survive—something that can help others in their lives—that’s your gift to the world. That’s where your legacy lies.

For some, it’s being a parent. Trust me, being a parent is the quintessential Never-ending Story. You never outgrow or get over it, even after the kids fly the coop. Without intense desire, successful parenting would be impossible because there are lots of trials, setbacks, frustrations, obstacles and heartaches that come with the desire. For others, it’s being an engineer, a fireman, a policeman, a writer, a nurse or doctor, or an actor.

Get Up! Get Going!

Don’t sit on your asset! Turn your desire into definite, achievable plans and goals. If you’re just starting out and still need to put in the requisite ten thousand hours getting your sea legs under you, start today.

Do something every day that advances you. Make it your mission to improve, network, assimilate, and enjoy the steps you’re taking.