Let No Day Dawn that the Animals Cannot Share Reviews

I read "Let No Day Dawn" quite some time ago. I'm not a lover of poetry, but these poems grabbed me and pulled me in - they are truly fantastic. If you're an animal lover, I HIGHLY recommend this book. If you know an animal lover, I can't think of a more appropriate gift for them! - Lisa Taylor

Kristine M. Smith is a talented, joyous writer. She has learned from life literally surrounded by wild and domestic critters. We have marched together over the last three decades on behalf of animal welfare. "Let No Day Dawn That the Animals Cannot Share" reflects a deep insight into the Spirit of this concern for all our fellow creatures. Writing poetry is a personal challenge if you want to 'get it right'. Kris is an artist. – Edward Eugene Smith

I see other reviews here that talk about the poet's obvious love for and experience with animals, and these come through profoundly in her writing. But I want to comment on the book's literary value. If you have high standards for poetry, you'll be delighted with what you find here. This isn't just cheap verse - it's quality stuff, with original imagery and compelling insights that make you look at animals in a fresh new way. I'm a former English teacher and expected this book to be a disappointment - another amateur's attempt at poetry writing. But I was more than pleasantly surprised. This book has taken up permanent residence on my "favorites" bookshelf. - R. Hoffman

A Wonderful Celebration of the Animal Kingdom
To say that Kristine Smith is an animal advocate is an extreme understatement. She obviously eats, sleeps, breathes and lives to express her sincere dedication and admiration for both the wild and the domestic creatures with whom we share life on this planet. Kris has this uncanny way of touching just what we love most about animals. Her book, 'Let No Day Dawn...,' is a wondrous celebration and expression of great insights into the way animals think and the way they touch our lives in so many ways. The poetry in this book sends chills down my spine; the stories make me laugh (and cry); and the drawings by Emese Emoke Dian have me in awe of an artistic talent that truly captures the spirit of the animals she has chosen to illustrate. – Margot Worthington


If you or someone you know has a genuine love and concern for animals, then this is a book to cherish. Having devoted much of her life to the love, caring, and well-being of domesticated and wild animals, she shares this compassion within her poetry. Additionally, from her numerous life experiences interacting with the animals, she shares a few very touching stories as well. Read about her observations of the elephants, seals, raccoons, tigers, coyotes, and so many more!!
Be prepared to laugh and to cry. The poetry will touch you deeply. It seems to draw you in and force you to really reflect on what is happening to these beautiful creatures. You will be moved, hopefully, to an awakening of the responsibility we all have to protect and care for the animals.
This is the ultimate in thoughtful, caring, and insightful gifts. And, believe me, along with the wonderful offerings by Kris, the cover page, photographs, and artwork within are awesome!! Be prepared to buy one to savor for yourself and some to share with others. It's well worth it!! – Nancy Graf