Stealth Core Trainer

I treated myself to a Stealth Core Trainer for Christmas.


(No, I didn’t get the deluxe model that’s linked here. In fact, I got the basic version at a discount from what Amazon shows. I got mine for $99 plus shipping and handling, for a total of $118.00 )


When it arrives (it’s been en route for several days now, so maybe today!), I’m going to be using it PLUS dieting to reach a weight and core muscle strength goal before my panniculectomy surgery.


After ordering it, I got an email with various ways to use the core trainer, plus menus for losing weight.  The menus look yummy and aren’t hard to follow (mostly whole, wholesome foods chopped up or wrapped up in lettuce leaves), so I ordered a food scale so I can measure portion sizes.


This ISN’T a New Year’s Resolution. I never make those.


This is something I’ve been thinking about for quite some time, and I just decided last week to go for it in a big way prior to my next surgery this spring up at UW Northwest Hospital again, if COVID-19 doesn’t keep non-emergency surgeries locked out.


Now that my chest is masculinized, my belly and lower abdomen area are my only remaining problem spots. The panniculectomy will take care of that, so I want to lose as much visceral fat as I can between now and then so they can stitch me up with less to contend with. I also want to have my core muscles at peak proficiency during my recovery period because that will help me get around better during the super-sore time. It should also make the possibility of hematomas and infection less. (About one in three panniculectomies has post-surgical complications, rarely serious or life-threatening, so I want to be in tiptop shape to avoid being that one in three!)


I’m planking here at home, for the time being, the old boring way until the core trainer arrives.  I’m up to one minute, which will be a good starting point when the board arrives.


The Stealth Core Trainer comes with video games that you download to your smartphone. (I’ve done that already.) The games are agility games; they use the core trainer board as your “joy stick.”


So, for example, in some of the games you’re in a virtual “hang glider” type situation and you need to swivel, sway and pivot to avoid obstacles, swoop and dive, and gain altitude.


The whole idea is to get your mind so engaged in winning the game that you don’t focus on the plank you’re holding but on the game you’re playing.  People who have bought it say it’s addictive.


The goal is to get to a point where you can plank for three minutes without huge physical effort. I watched a few videos and there was one gal on there who seemed hardly winded at all after three seriously strenuous minutes of all kinds of planking gyrations and exercises.


You’re supposed to do it six days a week, but not to overdo it.  (I doubt my core muscles will allow me to overdo it for a while!) I would LOVE to get to two or three minutes before surgery, but that might be too steep a hill to climb. We’ll see!


I’m super excited and looking forward to receiving it.  I hope it’s TODAY!





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