Serval Son

“I’ve just read the manuscript of SERVAL SON: Spots and Stripes Forever by Kristine M Smith. If someone in Hollywood doesn’t option this story to make a movie of it, they’re asleep at the switch in Tinsel Town. In my opinion, SERVAL SON ranks right up there with Marley and Me..." - Stephanie Ealy

"Get ready to read SERVAL SON without putting it down. It's that riveting. Kris has a very touching story and weaves it seamlessly with an important message for all. It is an absolute must read for anyone interested in exotic cats." - Safari Dave, Animal Trainer, Founder of Exotic Feline Foundation of America; inventor of WITS— Wildlife Interactive Training System - (Patent Pending). WITS—Wildlife Interactive Training System" is a Service mark of Exotic Feline Foundation of America.

“What a heartwarming book! With humor, love, and compassion, the author shares her experiences caring for a wild cat, as we empathize and learn from her triumphs and mistakes. Animal lovers will be glued to the story.” - Jessi Hoffman, Founder and Director, Fur and Feather Animal Haven, Tenino, Washington

"In this book, you’ll read Kris and Deaken’s story. She will tell you the joys of growing up with the adorable serval kitten, the amusing traits, the time he showed a wild cat trait that brought her into being a great deal more respectful of him; her father finally accepting the little wild thing; the heartbreaking decision she had to make because of a broken leg; the problems, the expense, the emotional grief for the wild one she would do anything to keep safe and secure.

“You will be fascinated in discovering the connection between Kris, Star Trek, DeForest Kelley, The Shambala Preserve, and me.

“You will learn of the soul searching, compassionate life of a woman determined to handle her responsibilities, her fierce determination, and how she resolves her life on so many levels, both animal and human. Kris Smith is a warrior, filled with tenacity, with a true love and respect for all animals. I love her." Tippi Hedren President, The Roar Foundation The Shambala Preserve Shambala Preserve

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